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summer. solstice. and love.

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” ~ Bern Williams

I used to write a lot more than I do now.  I don’t know why that is exactly.  I’ve found less time to sit and contemplate how to wrap my head around how my body experiences life, perhaps?  I can say with certainty that having a baby consumes all the free time I once had (as I sit in the pitch black on my kitchen counter at 1 am trying to punch out a few thoughts).  They say sleep when the baby sleeps… but that would leave time for nothing else in life but baby.  Not that that’s a bad thing, really.

But really, I just wanted to write a bit about this wedding – this beautiful, perfect summer solstice wedding of friends and colleagues of mine. But I started writing, then erased.  Then restated. Then erased. I couldn’t quite find the right words to perfectly illustrate the feeling of pure joy I had on this beautiful summer day.  Thank goodness it was the longest day of the year… I truly never wanted it to end.   The gorgeous summer solstice evening sang a loud love song that carried into the late night and early morning hours, harmonized by the soft combing of the water on the rock beach and the crackling of the smore roasting fire.   Maybe these days I find pictures speaking volumes louder than words.  It would explain my waning finger flutters and my increased fingered shutters.  I hope these teasers help phrase the hundreds of adjectives whizzing through my mind that I want to use to explain this day.  But with three words – summer.  solstice. and love. – I find myself content.  I hope the images fill in the rest of the story for now… and yes… that’s the bride doing a shotgun.  she destroyed the boys (just fyi).


beau - s&h-0957

































beau - s&h-1058



beau - s&h-0968



beau - s&h-0963





© erica chan

© erica chan




love on a beach, in style

who says you have to give up fashion to have a beautiful beach wedding…

this bride made her vows to her love – on a rock beach – by the side of the ocean – on an island… and skipped into her new life…  in style.



canada day and a bunch of kiddies

this year, a first for us, we celebrated canada day a little differently.  i found myself chugging water and crawling at a baby’s pace – to keep up with the speed of the many kids that we partied with.  life changes in so many ways with these wee ones, it’s such a stark difference than my old life.  still so much fun, though, just different.

here are a few of the cutie’s we were hanging with this year.






























































© erica chan

© erica chan

petzval lens play

playing with the new toy i picked up today.  beautiful petzval lens, super excited to use for some special shots in the upcoming summer weddings.

for now, of course, my bebe in the backyard.




five minutes with janne

friends aad and janne from holland had a brief, but beautiful, stopover before flying home.  with bags packed and five minutes til rushing to the airport we got a quick few snaps in with janne.  oh janne… her gorgeous blue eyes and fierce, fiery yet gentle soul… i only wish i had more time to explore you!






















© erica chan 2014

© erica chan 2014

i love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you ~ paulo coelho

© erica chan

© erica chan

moments from the past

just a quick little taste of moments from the past several years.

i’m getting all nostalgic.










© Erica Chan Photography










i’ve been interviewed…

although i hate the sound of my own voice as much as the next person, i agreed to do an interview with photographer josh rossi – who runs the podcast “full time photographer.”  (although i cringe at hearing myself) if you want to check it out, the link is here!  we had a good chat and he’s really dialed in a wonderful inspirational tool for photographers pursuing their dreams – with the stories and words of encouragement from other photographers doing the same thing!  there are some really great interviews on there, subscribe to the podcast!



isn’t life beau-tiful


It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.  ~ roald dahl


so much love, this little guys brings… some of my beau-tiful moments in life as of late.









beau 3-6 weeks-5044





© erica chan














moments of synchronicity…

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.” ~ Charles de Lint

© erica chan

© erica chan

my beau.

© erica chan

© erica chan

janet echelman in vancouver

it’s hard to articulate the effortless vibrancy that bubbled up inside me when i saw janet’s work tonight.  my goodness, it is amazing.

a majestic gesture coloring the sky with its billowing breath, a sky painted with unnumbered sparks showing the world what it’s like to be tickled by hundred of fingers and viewed by thousands of eyes.  dilating the pupils and exciting the senses.

big ups to the Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) for helping bring such an amazing project to life in Vancouver.  for upcoming exciting art projects in the vancouver area, check out some of the works to be presented by BAF.

grab the sides of your seats and be prepared to drift away into a sky of color and a sea of drift.



images © erica chan




























images © erica chan




anticipating the swell…

much like the eager anticipation of a storm bringing surf, i am patiently awaiting the release of the new CURRENT SWELL album!

i just love these boys.  not only because they are friends, or because they are extremely talented, or that they are a whole lotta fun… but because they are just down to earth, normal, fabulously cool people.  it’s just an added bonus that their music is rad.

here are a few shots from the studio session that i was able to sneak into while they were recording their latest album.  the soundbites that i did get a taste of confirmed my suspicions… that their next album is gonna be a rocker.  if you’re not tapping your toes in anticipation… well…. you should be.  i, for one, can hardly wait.





















































all images © erica chan







Discounts and Olympic Fever!

It’s that time of the…. decade… where the winter olympics sprouts up and makes nest in some eager and willing city, drawing snowbirds and snow bunnies out to play for the world to see.  the dangled hope of metallic neck ornaments swings like a tantalizing pendulum in front of their motivated, concentrated eyes, as these athletes focus their sights on the short (or sometimes long) moments they have to shine… the moments they have been working on for years… to prove they are among the best of the best in the world.

this year, sochi is the host city.  i’m sure you’ve all been readjusting your sleep schedules to watch as much of the games live as possible… or is that just me?  my nights slip into slumber with white slopes and speedy situations… and the best part is that it’s been incredible to see canada doing so very well thus far!

SO… in the OLYMPIC SPIRIT, i am offering a “go for gold” promotion on my polaroid book!  i hesitate to put anything down in writing, but i’m hoping this year, canada will win 35 medals… that’s my hope.  my high, high hopes.  and to stand behind my hopes I’m offering 35% off purchase of my journal for the duration of the olympics.  

photo (13)

To take advantage of the deal, click HERE  and use promotional code “goforgold” at checkout.

and let’s keep cheering on our amazing athletes representing  CANADA on the world stage.  we are all so proud!  go canada!


© erica chan 2010

© erica chan 2010





gold. splash. sparkle. glitter. YAY!

splash. splash.  splash.  TOPLESS from december.

i was really lucky to get a vip peek with the colorful characters of vancouver’s tgltp.

took a few polaroids on “becoming topless” but for now i’ll share a kaleidoscope of images from the evening from the heavy duty digi.  it was almost like i was back on the playa… getting ready to watch the man burn… except for the dust storms were replaced by sparkle storms.

if you haven’t seen these guys perform live yet, you have truly not lived fully.  keep up to date on their info at to find out when their next show shines in your town.  or at the very least grab the disc and get yourself familiar with the tunes so you can properly rock out at the next show.





























© erica chan

© erica chan

he brings my life to life

i am the first to admit that i am not one who enjoys the camera pointed in my direction.  i like being behind it.

most of the time, my stories get pushed to the background, as i focus on telling those of others.  they always seem much more interesting than mine anyways.

but, for once in my life, it’s my own life that i can’t get enough of.  with the sounds of cries and giggles, the nights of sleeplessness and nurture, the days of rest and smiles, the overflowing smell and feeling of love – he brings my life to life.  and what a joy it’s been spending every waking moment figuring out how to manage this new life, with this new life in my arms.

love just doesn’t seem like a powerful enough word to describe any of this.  but for now it will have to do, cause i don’t know if it’s even describable… this feeling inside.






















© erica chan


a date with a little boy named harrison.

This blue eyed babe was a pure pleasure to photograph.

His eyes, his smile, his laugh, he made “like” to the camera and wasn’t afraid to look me straight in the eyes.  He was also very kind to share the spotlight with his parents for a bit.  We played in the streets and the snow until our noses and fingers were pink.  Then we went inside and ate cookies by the fire.  It was a very lovely date, and Harrison was such a little gentleman, I left feeling giddy and tickled.  Thanks lil man!







all images © erica chan


24 hours left.
Thank you all so much for your support of my polaroid journal project!  This has been a very exciting month going through this process – with the crowdfunding, the book design and editing, the decisions (OHHHHH the decisions!!!!).  I’m so lucky to be able and encouraged to do what I love!
Grab a copy of the journal or a poster or other goodies that are still available at the campaign page for the next 24 hours.

 I can’ wait to share some awesome analog magic with you all!

xxx mchwaaaaaaa.  erica.

winter, seasons, pink noses, polaroids and other stuff

i can hardly believe it’s nearly the end of november – this year feels as though it’s flown by faster than a diving kingfisher.  all of a sudden now i look outside and the tree branches are naked, and the road glistens in the morning sun with crystal formations of icy wonderment.  warm mugs of tea heat my hands like cozy gloves.  noses and cheeks are pink and rosy, making everyone’s eyes sparkle just a little bit more.  we speak out loud so we can see our breath dissipate into the air – our words and thoughts escaping into the universe.

as the first full winter i’ve spent in bc in a decade, i was a little overwhelmed with fear as to how i would cope – at first.  my skin faded into a paler version of myself – one that i hadn’t seen in a long time.  my wardrobe that usually consisted of sandals, swimsuit and shorts had to adapt… you have no idea how many times i’d slip on my sandals and get on with my day without someone who cared about me reprimanding me about my terrible choice in footwear.  it’s been an adjustment reminding myself to put socks on…

over the past few months, though, i’ve gotten to see the seasons change before my eyes.  colors blossoming and heightening my senses, the landscape before me literally changing every day.  it’s not a bad place to be.  we have the chance to look at every place we are as a place we belong – so long as we don’t dwell in any sort of a regretful state of mind.  fear of missing out on something that’s happening somewhere else will only force us to miss the splendidness that is actually happening right where we are.

on that note, i have to reiterate a favor…. this is happening right here, right now.

i have just over a week before the end of my indiegogo campaign to raise funds for my polaroid book.  i’m so excited that it’s all coming together, just before the end of the year (and the end of an entire sort of life, as i expect my first ‘contribution to populate the world’ this january).  i have a tonne of polaroid styled incentives and hope you’ve had a chance to look through the campaign.  please share it  with your friends and family!  please consider contributing to the campaign and grabbing a copy of the collection that i’m putting out.  i promise, the polaroids are a wonderful collection of moments, and would make a great gift for a friend, or visual stimuli for the coffee table (or elsewhere).   here’s the link again.



here are a few snaps from the book to give you a taste of the flavor.

indie-sample1 indie-sample2 indie-sample3 indie-sample5 indie-sample6 indie-sample7 indie-sample8


fall flavours and small favours

(or for those in the US, fall flavors and small favors.  i always did find the difference spelling of those words confusing as i straddled the US and Canada)

maple leaves-7089sm

ok, so it’s been a colorful fall full of falling leaves and red, orange and yellow highlights.  it’s the first fall in about a decade that i’ve called my highschool hometown of vancouver, home.  i’ve been strolling through streets of breathtaking colors, tromping through puddles with rubber boots and wearing big, thick, heavy sweaters.  this is very much the opposite of the nearly naked bikini uniforms i’ve been used to over the past few years.  my token tan has faded (i only call it a tan now, as i simply assumed it was the almost natural color of my skin… i was mistaken).  and i’ve put on weight.  but in this particular case, the weight is welcomed.  because it’s the weight of another human being… to be.

with a round, moving belly i’ve been waddling through my to do lists and catching up on things that have been long overdue.  i’ve started scanning and cataloguing my over 4000 polaroids from the past 4 years.  i’ve begun to put together a collection of fine art originals that will be on exhibit in a gallery in whistler sometime in december.  and i have just launched a campaign to raise funds to publish a polaroid book.  this is all very exciting.  all while growing this being in my belly (the most exciting part, by far).

as the end of the year, and the due date for my little human to be rapidly comes charging at me (he is due on january 1), i feel a slight sense of anxiety.  i feel like i am reading the last pages of a very long chapter, in which the new chapter will bring a new era, and everything i’ve just read… experienced… will be so far embedded in the past that it may cease to be relevant anymore.  of course it’s paved the way to tell the story of what i’m about to read or experience… but the routine, the familiarity, the “freedom” (as one might call it), will all change..  i know this isn’t true… but i can’t help but feel a clear bold line being drawn in the sand as the distinction of my life as i know it now contrasts to what the future of 2014 and beyond will bring.  only time will tell, i suppose.

anticipate the future with excitement and open arms… yes, i can do that.  but… to live in the present… to enjoy the moments i have now…. that is my goal – for the moment at hand.   so… for now, i am hoping to ask you all for a small favour.

i have launched an indiegogo campaign to publish a book of polaroids – a hardcover journal – called “flutters in utterance”.  to view the video that helps explain my vision, please click the following link:


CLICK HERE –>  flutters in utterance – a polaroid journal



polaroid by erica chan

polaroid by erica chan



i know i can’t make this book happen without the amazing support of my friends and family, so i’m humbly reaching out to ask for your help.   support by love, contributions, sharing and spreading the word… all of this is invaluable to me.  i am so grateful for you all in my life and i am so thankful that you take the time to read my thoughts and look at my photos.  all the help you can give me is truly, truly appreciated.


HERE IS THE LINK TO THE CAMPAIGN.  the video can also be seen there. –>



with all my heart, erica.