rain brings new growth – words

With the grey skies and rain that have swept through Maui in the past week, we are left with clean air, dirty water, refreshed and renewed thoughts – like wiping a pair of dirty glasses clean. 

For days I’ve been confined to my house.  Confined, not against my will, but with so many projects to play with.  Painting, photos, labels, piano, gardening, planting, more photos, more painting…  It’s refreshing to be able to have outlets that help relieve creative pressures that grown inside of me.  The balance of my life is the ability to do all the things I want to do.  Sometimes we get carried away with certain parts of our life, unconsciously neglecting others.  Perhaps it’s nature’s innate sense of things that schedules a downpour – alloting us the time to do the things we need to do that we may have been neglecting…  I hear that BC is flooded with snow and the cities are in chaos from these white kisses.  I say, cozy up by the fire – or heater – pull out some old project that you have had sitting in your craft closet for the last little while, and play with it.  Or catch up on something that you’ve been putting off.  Take this time that nature has given you to rebalance your life.  Enable the new growth of ideas and inner thoughts by letting go of that routine that you get stuck in, and discovering what your roots are hanging onto.  Just like the pea sprout from my garden, just add water.  With a little bit of rain, so much can grow.

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