a quick little west coast weekend

sun, rain, grey, blue, cold water and botanical beaches – port renfrew was a great host this past weekend as i attended the tall tree music festival.  great music and beautiful west coast venue, i had the glorious pleasure of hearing some new tunes, chilling with some great friends and playing around with the instamatic magic moment maker.  here is a small little sample of sexy moments and succulent seconds in time.  this weekend was almost like a bite into a juicy red delicious delicately dipped in caramel.  sticky, sweet and satisfying – but only something i find myself indulging in every once in a while…

one quick little note about what i’ve been noticing about myself lately… i’m working on this collection of instant photographs… and it’s really changed my way of thinking.  i’ve been much more focused on a specific moment, rather than having the versatility of trigger shooting and capturing some great movement of emotions and sequential life snapshots.  i would use the following metaphor to explain how my style has momentarily changed in order to better suit the instant film, rare, expensive, “don’t you dare waste a shot” type of shooting i’ve been finding myself attracted to lately.  imagine fishing.  i was once a fisherman that put down traps and nets and pulled up the harvest of goodies and marine treasure, rummaging through my conquests and picking out the best of the best and throwing the remainders back into the ocean of possibilities.  there was a lot less thinking and more muscle required.  being ready, being set and having my trusty gear on me wherever i would sail to would allow me to gather a glorious amount of diverse treasures.  but recently, i’ve acquired a handsome, delicious, vintage single fishing rod – found it in my great great grandfather’s personal effects that had been stored away with moth balls.  the baiting is different.  the equiment is different.  the technique is different.  there are a lot of times i wait for hours and never catch a thing.  there are times when i catch a magnificent creature only to reel it in wrong and have it dissapear just as i’m about to haul it over the boat edge.  it’s taking time to understand this new tool.  a new tool for an old passion.  an old thought for a new creative fashion.  i know, in time, it will all come together and i will better understand how to use both techniques harmoniously to capture the most magnificent collection of colorful critters… but until then i’m kind of shying away from the easy-peasy way and challenging my mind and my wallet with the elbow-greasy way.  it may or may not disturb my ‘pop a picture up’ blog techniques – i’m trying hard to not let it.  but there is only so much space in our minds to continue to collect tidbits of info – eventually we may have to temporarily displace something in order to make room for something else.  in the end, the picture will be a much more colorful collage of collaboration.  can’t wait to get there…

peter and the van

beach nap

no such thing as too old for dolls

from the inside out


whale awesome

weekend treat, festival heat

you versus me, little one

catching a laugh


it's good to be king


front row seat

jon & roy - the band

jon & roy - the band

in the end it all comes off

til next time!  xo

– e

3 Responses to “a quick little west coast weekend”

  1. Claire says:

    Wicked pics and titles! Wish i was there with you guys.

    PS i’m really lovin the re-vamp of the site too

  2. Kyle says:

    Awesome photography here, how do you get that vintage look?

  3. admin says:

    good old polaroid film in all it’s vintage glory!

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