beautiful bc

i remember this song called “beautiful bc” that i used to listen to when i was a kid.  i think it was a recording from a vocal choir of some sort.  but the words to the song were so true.  i didn’t really know yet, as i hadn’t explored the island.  it’s so nice to be reminded every once in a while.  while on lasqueti the other day i scribbled down some thoughts about what was around me, the canopy of foliage and the vivid sound the water hitting the rocks – if a sound can be described as vivid.  the subtle wet tongue of the water swishing as it met the land on the calmest of days.  the next day – well the water was angry the next day.  and here i am now, in tofino, with 7 hours of surf exhaustion under my belt in less than 24 hours at florencia bay… yesterday evening was pumping, but the silver horizon of fog and mercury water made the rides feel slow and graceful.  today, the sun is shining, but the wind has picked up and is finding pleasure in watching the wetsuit wrapped morsels of determination bobble around like a fishing float in the tussled waters.

it’s times like these that i remember that song, and think to myself “god damn bc’s beautiful.”  just reminding anyone who’s forgotten.  or who doesn’t even know.

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  1. Kuroda says:

    Bc is the best in the summer. And hello from Prague!

  2. admin says:

    i wish i was in prague! let’s catch up soon!

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