shot gun

i should have known this wedding would be different… i rode my bike to it.

it started two days ago when i received a call from a distant friend/acquaintance.  i didn’t even recognize her when she called me.  i agreed to shoot a party that they were putting on for no reason other than to have fun.  it was a 50’s theme.

you can’t imagine my excitement to see how well themed this party was – when i rolled up on my bike, camera’s draped over me, to a lawn full of vintage cars and fully decked out greasers.  i turned right around and went home to grab my polaroids.  this was going to be one of those parties that polaroids would be perfect for.

i walked through the time warp to the 50’s and marveled at the outfits.  right down to the cigarette packs rolled up in the crisp white t-shirt sleeves and the air of tailgate goodness roaming around the back yard.  slicked back hair, label-less brown bottles and a hidden keg in the haystack in the back of the truck – any way i turned there was a picture opp.

the barbecue began, as did the festivities.  the host began his speech to thank his friends for coming to their summer party.  and then the bride walked out.

i can’t do this night justice with words.  the couple, with a family and full lived life together, had never actually been married.  and they decided to get married just like it would have happened if they had had a “shotgun wedding” back when they first met.  so we were all whisked back to the 50’s with vintage cars, clothing and music – complete with tom russell performing in the barn, leading the music celebration towards the evening’s impending hoe down.  what a magical night.  i have never seen so many great twisters in one place.  the pearls were a-flying and you could tell it was one of the happiest night for a lot of people – what with the smiles, laughter, tears and non-stop dancing.  what a way to relive your youth. and what a way to give that to all of your great friends for a night as well.

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