current swell in maui

well yes.  there was a sweet swell yesterday.  and last week.  but the swell i’m talking about is of a musical variety.  scott, dave, chris and ghosty.  that current swell.  they rocked the island foundations of a couple of little booze filled tropical huts, playing several shows on the island.  holy crap can these guys jam.  sweeter than pineapple pina coloda jam.  if you don’t know of their ear tickling melodies, check them out at .  if you’re lucky enough to be in a place that they’re playing, do yourself a favor.  empty the change jar and buy yourself a ticket early… before they sell out and you stare at that change jar with the bitter metallic taste of regret.

here are a couple polaroids of the boys.  enjoy.

davers lang - © erica chan

chris p. - © erica chan

scott stanton - © erica chan

game strides - © erica chan

just chilling - © erica chan

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  1. Reg says:

    Great shots / It is a great band!
    Heard them many times in Canada

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