sum summa

i really feel like i’ve digressed these days.  not for the worse necessarily.  but somehow been pulled away from the digital realm that has been my reality for some time now.

with all of this polaroid shooting i’m doing, i find the ease of posting so much harder.  i don’t have a scanner and the polaroids just keep piling up.  the moments… ah the moments.  i’ve decided that i am a moment hoarder.  i hoard moments.  i collect them and keep them safe.  for some perfect time in the future for them to be enjoyed.  kind of like a bottle of scotch that has been waiting for the most perfect time to be enjoyed.

any how, i’ve finally, for the first time, plugged my iphone in and accessed the plethora of moments on there.  i decided to just take pictures of pictures (which i will call summer “pop’s”) to share some of the hoarded polaroid moments.  with the lack of precision that is my process, some may say there is a loss of quality.  i tend to lend myself to the school of thought that it adds personality.  kind of like cheez wiz.

vancouver island pops.  june 2011.

all images © erica chan 2011 | polaroids.

3 Responses to “sum summa”

  1. Francis says:

    The composition is more important than the quality at this point. But you might as well breakdown and get at least a basic scanner to get by…or splurge a little more and get something more than basic…

  2. Claire says:

    Obsessed. I love cheez whiz, by the way.

  3. kuroda says:

    So much fun! Excited to see your polaroid project when you’re all done! Great seeing you.

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