Discounts and Olympic Fever!

It’s that time of the…. decade… where the winter olympics sprouts up and makes nest in some eager and willing city, drawing snowbirds and snow bunnies out to play for the world to see.  the dangled hope of metallic neck ornaments swings like a tantalizing pendulum in front of their motivated, concentrated eyes, as these athletes focus their sights on the short (or sometimes long) moments they have to shine… the moments they have been working on for years… to prove they are among the best of the best in the world.

this year, sochi is the host city.  i’m sure you’ve all been readjusting your sleep schedules to watch as much of the games live as possible… or is that just me?  my nights slip into slumber with white slopes and speedy situations… and the best part is that it’s been incredible to see canada doing so very well thus far!

SO… in the OLYMPIC SPIRIT, i am offering a “go for gold” promotion on my polaroid book!  i hesitate to put anything down in writing, but i’m hoping this year, canada will win 35 medals… that’s my hope.  my high, high hopes.  and to stand behind my hopes I’m offering 35% off purchase of my journal for the duration of the olympics.  

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To take advantage of the deal, click HERE  and use promotional code “goforgold” at checkout.

and let’s keep cheering on our amazing athletes representing  CANADA on the world stage.  we are all so proud!  go canada!


© erica chan 2010

© erica chan 2010




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