remembering iceland

remembering iceland

when we flew to holland, we chose to stop over in iceland as a stepping stone on our journey. prepared for myriad types of weather, we packed a bag of cold and wet weather clothes and checked it into a locker at the airport in amsterdam while we enjoyed the warmth of the netherlands.  on our […]

resurfacing, august 2018

resurfacing, august 2018

hello beautiful online world. it’s been a while.  a long long while. over the past few years i’ve been navigating through a blissful storm of defiance, boundaries, parenting and redefinition.  i’ve been learning from little people and big people alike.  i’ve been taught by colleagues, mentors, friends, babies, children and parents.  i’ve been encouraged to let go, relinquish […]

In a loft, in bed, in Tofino

April 26 Right now, at this precise moment, i am staring at the closed curtain on my overnight slumber party lofty bed.  It’s been a beautiful 24 hours with an old, very wise, and dear friend.  There is a sliver of the outside world creeping through the crack between the curtain and the wall… I […]

tears and the ocean

tears and the ocean

fall flavours and small favours

fall flavours and small favours

(or for those in the US, fall flavors and small favors.  i always did find the difference spelling of those words confusing as i straddled the US and Canada) ok, so it’s been a colorful fall full of falling leaves and red, orange and yellow highlights.  it’s the first fall in about a decade that […]

young at heart

young at heart

“we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” ~ george bernard shaw                          

vagabond journal entries – day 30

vagabond journal entries - day 30

vagabond journal entries – day 22

vagabond journal entries - day 22

vagabond journal entries – day 18

vagabond journal entries – day 9

vagabond journal entries – day 8

vagabond journal entries – day 6

vagabond journal entries – day 5

vagabond journal entries – day 4

vagabond journal entries – day 2

if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need…

i finally got out for a bc surf session.  it’s been a long time.  oh, and what a wonderful two days it was.  i didn’t know how badly i needed to get back in the water.  i had forgotten. while i was rediscovering my floating bearings, i had time to think.  i’ve been struggling, as […]

dreams, and insatiable beauty.

dreams, and insatiable beauty.

anticipation, an adrenaline rush, like an insatiable crush brings smiles, brings signs, brings worry lines it’s uncertainty we are afraid of, but the inevitable is happening there’s no doubt about it.  let me tell you… just close your eyes… and take a breath… so deep, it seeps into your soul, it creeps into you whole and watch all the glory […]

journal excerpt, 2010.

7.9.10 where am i? i find myself displaced in a place where the faces i face are… new. a singleton solo floating down a discovering truth.  on a journey to find the beauty in moments and finding moments of beauty in the distinction of the nature around me. floating. comfortable with who i am, i […]

two days in paris. honeymoon part I

two days in paris.  honeymoon part I

we left vancouver and traveled for 14 hours until we arrived in amsterdam.  i watched 4 movies along the way and found myself tapping my feet, that just barely reached the airplane floor, in anticipation of our european adventure.  it has been years since i’ve visited europe.  and my eyes were craving a feast of […]

photograph of iona beach

photograph of iona beach

found an old, haunting image from a stroll on iona beach in bc.  there is something very soothing about this image to me.  the solemnity i felt that day was personified by the texture of the scenery – so masterfully cluttered and naturally beautiful.  to feel so connected to a moment because of it’s inherent […]


our content shapes our lives.  our lives strive to be content. the hawaiian islands are socked in by a content grey ceiling of clouds.  they don’t want to move, and they are really letting their inner feelings pour down on us.  it’s been raining for days now.  they beaches are roughed up, the water is […]

the calm after the storm. thoughts about marriage.

i feel as though i’m at a loss for words these days. i started this post the day after my wedding.  i got as far as “i feel as though….”  i left those words on the page for a while and waited for my head to form thoughts.  nothing came together to form anything.  so […]

one mans trash is another mans treasure

that is my more eloquent and romantic way of describing my weekly garage sale addiction.  perhaps there may be other renditions of the ritualistic activity that has become one of my favourite things to do.  peter, my fiance, calls it hoarding in the name of “our wedding” – and although he pretends to be mighty […]

human being.

“man – a being in search of meaning” – plato we are all individuals, a part of mankind.  a single being, searching for the meaning of life.  some characteristics we share with others, but our idiosyncrasies we protect as our own.  we are unique.  a single person.  a person is smart.  it’s people that can […]