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vagabond journal entries – day 16

vagabond journal entries - day 16

somewhere there’s sun. acclimatizing to where there’s none.

somewhere there's sun.  acclimatizing to where there's none.

rainy old vancouver.  it’s just a degree or two over what would turn this wet darkness into a winter wonderland.  but, no, it’s vancouver… so it’s rain all the way. with the blinding time travel of planes and cars, the disorientating mash up of time zones and the massive acclimatization that has been happening this […]

current swell in maui

current swell in maui

well yes.  there was a sweet swell yesterday.  and last week.  but the swell i’m talking about is of a musical variety.  scott, dave, chris and ghosty.  that current swell.  they rocked the island foundations of a couple of little booze filled tropical huts, playing several shows on the island.  holy crap can these guys […]