i love to revel in the present.

capturing it. creating it.

Erica Chan

i’m erica. i’m a mother of two school aged kids, a passionate story teller, a music lover and creative artist.  the most important thing you can know about me is that i love this moment.  right now.   i love to revel in the present, capturing it, creating it, only to later revisit it and cherish it.  it's how and why i fell in love with photography, and what drives my passion for storytelling today.  

i surf, make ceramics, sing in the shower and the car, bang on the piano, strum the guitar, enjoy problem solving, garden with passion and pretty much just love the day to day walks of life.  i've lived by the ocean most of my life.  i've surfed with a tiger shark.  i love peonies.  i'm terrible at social media.  my favourite movement class is tai chi.  i hate cardio.  i love raw vegetables.  i also love chocolate.  i went to brooks institute of photography and learned from some incredible teacher and mentors.  i would consider myself old, in many ways.  i would consider myself a child in many, too.   i enjoy connecting with people and pondering the meaning of life, and how to address the challenges of it and how to make myself a better citizen.  my biggest passion project has been over a decade of and a half of shooting polaroids.  i have a vibrant collection of over 6000 polaroids of the curiosities, faces and idiosyncrasies of my past and present life.  i'll show you one day.  you surf?  let’s go surfing! i’ll ask my kids for a day off.  i think that's enough about me.  i'm excited to hear about you.

email: info@ericachan.com
instagram: @ericachan37
prints: Pass Gallery